KOLO was created by IT industry experts. For us, efficiency is not just words, but processes, metrics and data. We focus on hot spots and every hryvnia transferred to us is as effective as possible.

for the help of the Armed Forces

The entire KOLO team works for free to turn 100% of donations into technology for the Army.


All founders and many volunteers of the foundation are already in KOLOna. Every month, each of us automatically transfers USD 200 for the Army.


We regularly report on the website and social networks how and on what we spend the contributions of our donors.

Also with us

donates to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Дмитро Дубілет

Dmytro Dubilet

Co-founder at Fintech Farm, monobank

Валентин Гриценко

Valentin Hrytsenko

Chief Marketing Officer at Ajax Systems

Іван Алцибєєв

Ivan Altsibeev

Co-CEO & Co-founder at Reface

KOLOna's results


3.2 million $

for the help of the Armed Forces

And this is about 2,000 devices that are already actively protecting, guiding, shooting down, and scouting at the front.


Real help


*Screenshot of a conversation with a soldier of the Armed Forces

Frequently asked questions

We are just like many other people in tech. We love to solve difficult tasks and make life better through innovation. We also love our country, home to many wonderful IT products. It breaks our hearts to see our home being destroyed. We want to stop atrocities by delivering hi-tech equipment to the frontline. Join our fight.

100% of the collected funds go to help the Armed Forces. We at KOLO focus on three areas: optics, air, and communication. We direct all the money we receive to purchase technological devices in this direction. Targeted collections (campaigns) are no exception. 

Calm in the midst of anxiety. Confidence in the effective use of donations. But most importantly, the sense of involvement in the significant and regular support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a circle of people with common values. Our military forge Victory every day. Every day, all of us together support them.

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We work exclusively with official requests from military units, which will fill out the relevant documents and register the received devices.

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