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The army protects us every day.

Every day we help the army.

Today it is important to provide the Army continuously and promptly. That is why we are looking for 1,000 volunteers who are ready to transfer 200 UAH every day (6,000 UAH per month) to help the country. We are tired of constantly opening Telegrams and waiting for good news. Let's create them.




KOLO was created by experts from the IT industry. For us, efficiency is not just words, but processes, metrics and data. We focus on hot spots. Each of these UAH is most effective there.

100% to the Army

KOLO now employs almost 100 people. Most of them are from the IT industry and have a stable income. That is why everyone in the fund works for free, sending 100% of your money to the army.

We are together

All the founders of the fund have already joined the "Support Regiment". We all transfer 6,000 UAH once a month to KOLO.


We publish reports on our website and on social networks. If you join, you will have access to a closed group in the Telegram, where we share news and results of our help every day.



We quickly organize assistance to the Armed Forces, deliver the necessary equipment to Ukrainian soldiers in hellish places. We provide medium-sized parties that are not of interest to large charitable foundations, and at the same time not available to individual volunteers.


Our partners


Obrio is a company inside the Genesis business ecosystem that develops web and mobile applications, mobile games and SaaS. 3% from first sales Obrio transfers to the Fund for operational assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, they help us attract foreign investment.


Wirex is a British company with offices in Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkiv. The startup has created a banking platform that allows customers to make transfers in traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies. The team supported the fund with $20,000.


Postindustria is a Ukrainian company that develops products based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Thanks to them, the fund is supported by $5,000 monthly.


Preply is a global platform for language learning. Guided by the belief that communication with the teacher is still the most effective way to learn new skills. The project team has donated 700,000 hryvnias to the Armed Forces.


One of the lead media in the IT-market. Here you can find a job, find out the company's reputation and assess the market situation. The project team donated UAH 1 million to the fund. DOU also helps promote KOLO.


Grammarly is developing an AI-based writing assistant. Thanks to their work, more than 30 million people write English fluently every day.

Planeta Kino

Network of cinemas in Ukraine. They were the first who brought IMAX technology to Ukraine. And now 30% of ticket sales are transferred to the fund to help the Armed Forces.


Game developer company with offices in Kyiv and Gdansk. Engaged in all types of gameplay: from hyper-casual and casual to AAA projects. A part of the income is transferred to the Armed Forces on a monthly basis.


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